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iPanel Review: Why it is one of the best survey sites?

Filling out the survey online is probably the easiest way to earn some quick cash, and I'm sure that every newbie starts his journey of making money online by survey sites. Market research sites provide a legit and convenient way to earn money online. There are several sites available on the web, but it is also important to be aware of many fake sites. Such fake sites may steal your personal information, and eventually cause you a big trouble.

When it comes to Market research, some big names are- Toluna, Swagbucks, iPanel and Global Test Market Research. Now, the question is that which survey site is best? Hmmm, the answer varies from user to user, but ultimately, it comes down to two deciding factors- (i) A site should have lower redemption threshold and (ii) Speed of redemption.
I'm damn sure that these two are most the important aspects in deciding the quality of a survey site.


iPanel is an online Market research site which provides paid survey to the users. It pays the users for giving their honest and valuable opinion. Apart from taking surveys, there are many other ways to earn money from iPanel. iPanel offers an excellent referral system and lucky star contest which works similar to the lottery system provided by many sites. Each referral earns you 60 points which are equal to 60 INR or $1 approximately, and each survey gives you 60-80 points generally, but there are lots of special surveys which give you around 150-300 points.
Another great thing is that you get 50 points as an initial sign up bonus when you sign up for the first time, and you only need a total of 200 points in your iPanel account before you can order your first PayPal redemption. That means that you only need to complete 2-3 surveys (or even one) and you'll get your redemption quick and fast.
So, what are you waiting for guys? Sign up here and avail your sign up bonus.

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Biggest strength of iPanel: Redemption

The biggest strength of iPanel lies in its redemption system. First, the time duration between two redemptions is surprisingly low and second, processing time after applying for redemption is blazing fast. You'll not believe guys that sometimes I receive my payment on the next day. Getting paid within two days is quite amazing as generally many sites require 3-5 days to process the payment. Toluna is the worst site I have came across to because it requires one month to process the payment which sucks a big time.
Also, you get paid for daily logins and sharing your opinion, and each of them weighs 1 point. This means that you get paid 2 points daily just for visiting the site. So, even if you do nothing but visit the site, you can redeem your cash every three months. But, I think that average redeem time for most users is one week. What else you want? Yes, you may call it a loot.

Major drawback: limited surveys

Yes, some of you may call it a disadvantage, but actually, it isn't. Availability of surveys on iPanel heavily depend on the user profile and because of that, some users get more surveys as compared to the others. Now, here is another important thing that I want to share. Even if you fail to qualify for any survey, it gives you 1 point each time. The greatest thing is that each survey is repeatable and it means that you may get 1 point multiple time. In the end, it gives you more points than the survey itself. Hence, it is sometimes rewarding to get disqualify for surveys.

Payment proof:

From the pic above you can clearly get an idea of the redemption speed. I've got my first payment within two days after joining. Those redemptions are back to back as you can clearly see the date of redemption in the payment proof.
It is evident from the pic above that referral award in iPanel is unmatched as compared to other sites like Swagbucks and ClixSense. Though, I also like the referral system in Swagbucks because it is ideal for the long term. In the end, fast one rules.

Verdict: Highly Recommended!!

With so many sites available in the market, iPanel comes highly recommended. It'll not be going to make you highly rich, but it'll serve you in a hard time. One thing that may let you down is the number of surveys, but believe me, it still worths it. No other site offers such low minimum redemption amount, and that is what sets iPanel apart from other sites.

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Friday, 30 September 2016

Consoles vs. PCs: Which one rules?

Most sensitive topic in the world

Believe it or not, comparing consoles with PCs is one of the most argued topics in the world. Those who experienced it knows about it very well. Those who didn't, head toward any community and express your feeling about consoles or PC and you'll find someone pulling the trigger at you already. It'll be going to happen this time as well. Here are some facts that make both of them a worthy competitor. So, get your guns ready as the war is about to start.

1. Performance

When it comes to performance, a PC can easily outperform a console, but it doesn't mean that console can't deliver the satisfying performance. I've seen many guys saying- "I've got X GPU, and it can beat those poor consoles without breaking a sweat." really guys? People often compare consoles with a much-overpowered PC. It is clearly unfair to compare a console with a system which is nearly double in price. Within a similar price bracket, a console can keep up with a PC or even outperform it.

2. Consoles have better version of a game

If you put graphics goodness aside, consoles have the better version of a game. I know that PC version of a game supports 4K and 60 fps, but is it enough to make a version better? Nowadays almost every PC version of a game plagued by bugs and bad optimization. They are less polished as compared to the console versions. But, it doesn't mean those console versions are free from bugs and poor performance, they are just less frequent. If you don't agree with this fact, just remember about the PC versions of Arkham Knight, AC: Unity, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Quantum Break, Watchdogs and many Ubisoft craps.
I'll also like to point out one more fact that many times developers roll out the console version of a game earlier than that of PC. A few examples are- Assasin Creed series, GTA series. Sorry PC fans!!

3. PC gamers have the goodness of mods

This is where the PC version of a game shines. PC gamers are blessed with amazing mods which make a game even more fantastic. I can't forget about the feeling when playing with mods in GTA, Skyrim, and Fallout. Console gamers are out of luck this time.

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4. Console exclusives can't be beaten

I admit that PC has the greater number of exclusives than consoles, but most of them are indie-RTS games. Believe it or not, they all suffer in front of console exclusives when it comes to the quality. I also admit that we don't get games like Uncharted, Last of us regularly, but when we do, PC gamers left with only two choices- Either they buy a console or watch the gameplay on youtube.
Console exclusives are one of the many reasons why many PC gamers have purchased a console. Didn't you guys?
Although PS Now has been launched in many regions which simply lets you play PlayStation exclusives on PC, it requires a fast internet connection for an optimal experience. Even with a fast connection gaming experience on PS Now is not as good as it is on console hence it is a better choice to go with consoles.

5. Both have solid social gaming experience

Both, consoles and PC offer robust online multiplayer gaming. While PC has some of the largest online multiplayer communities like counter-strike and WoW, the console's couch multiplayer gaming experience can't be beaten. In fact, split-screen multiplayer is rare on PC while the console version of the same game offers split-screen multiplayer. Now many questions will arise that who the hell wants split-screen multiplayer when we have online multiplayer? The answer is- "Playing offline with friends is way more social than playing online with strangers." Isn't it?

6. Hassle-free and long lasting gaming experience on consoles

What is the most frustrating thing for a mid-end PC gamer? Buying a latest game only to find out that it is running like a potato on his system. After that, start searching on google to fix problems, then playing with graphics settings for hours and in the end performance still sucks. This is truly what happens to PC gamers who have a budget build. Things are somewhat different with consoles. You don't have to worry about any tweaking. While most games work out of the box, many games don't, as they require you to download large patches/updates. But still, the gaming experience on consoles is hassle free as compared to PC gaming especially the mid-end one.

Another exceptional thing about consoles is that they last longer as compared to a mid-tier PC setup. If anyone doesn't agree with this fact, then think about Sony PS3 which is on the market since last eleven years or even more. Do you recall any GPU of that time? If yes, then where does that stand these days? And look, PS3 is still running every game available in the market. Such thing makes consoles a long-term investment.

7. Multipurposeness

This is another aspect where PC shines. PCs are meant more than for gaming whereas consoles are known exclusively for gaming. This fact makes PC a clear choice for an average user/gamer.

8. Consoles are pocket-friendly

Not everyone has enough money to throw on those expensive GPUs or upgrading components every once in a while. While high-end PC gamers have the luxury of playing latest AAA titles at 4K and 60 fps, gaming on low/mid-end PCs is a nightmare these days. Each budget PC build requires an upgrade in every two years which is quite frustrating at times. On the other hand, consoles need one-time investment, and then they serve you for a long time.
One more thing, while PC version of a game costs way less as compared to the console version of the exact game but the console version is way more polished than that of PC. Yeah! Optimization sucks on the PC games.


So, who won in the end? I leave this to the readers to judge. While PCs have the enormous amount of processing power and multipurposeness, consoles have their own important role. Hence, it is a smart idea to pick them both.
What do you think guys? Share your valuable opinions on the topic, and I promise that I won't pull the trigger on you.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Easiest and proven ways to earn money online from home

In this world of money hungry wolves, it is quite tough to make money. Now, if someone tells you about making money online direct from your home, then what'll be your reaction? It may sound like a scam, but there are ways to earn decent money online using your smartphone/PC from anywhere. Of course, it won't make you a millionaire, but if you are dedicated enough, you can make a decent living. Still, keep one thing in mind that nothing comes for free and if anyone claims to make you a millionaire by just sitting on the couch, then he is nothing but a fraudulent.

Now you are all set to earn money so, check out these easy yet effective ways to make some extra bucks.

1. By filling out surveys

It has proven that filling out surveys is the easiest way to earn money as it requires minimal effort to do the same. There are many market research sites in the market which pay you for giving them your honest opinion about various products and services. These sites also pay you for performing various tasks like playing games, clicking on ads, browsing the web and voting on polls. There are a few legit survey sites available in the market, but beware because many scam sites are also there. Here, I'm providing some quality survey sites for you.

. Toluna

. Swagbucks

. Vindale Research

. Clixsense

These are some of the best sites available, but if you want to know about other great sites, then here is the detailed post on best survey sites.

Best legit survey sites to earn money fast

2. By freelancing

While it is not that easy like filling out surveys, but it is by far the best way to make a decent chunk of money. Freelancing can replace your day job if you do the things seriously. Freelancing offers projects on almost everything like writing, application development, data-entry, 3D modeling, animation, etc. The best thing about freelancing is that you can set your goals according to your comfort. Here are the best sites for freelancing-

a. Freelancer

If you are getting into the world of freelancing for the first time, then Freelancer comes highly recommended. It is easy to get started and setting up your profile. It offers two type of projects- fixed budget project and hourly project. Freelancer offers an easy bidding system and a great selection of payment option.

b. Upwork

Formerly known as oDesk, Upwork is the monster of the freelancing world. Upwork has the largest network of freelancers and employers. Upwork is very strict about its quality. Hence, it is a good idea to get familiar with Freelancer first.

3. By blogging

Blogging is another excellent way to make money, but it requires a lot of patience to do that. Thousands of bloggers are making a decent living out of it. The whole internet is filled with their success stories. Here are number of ways to make money by blogging-

(I) Using Advertisement on blog/website

Advertising on blog/website is the primary source of income for most bloggers. Advertising comes in many forms like in text ads, referral links/banners, PPC ads, CPM ads, etc. Here are some best advertising sites-

(a) Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the best advertising program available in the market. It offers highly targeted ads for a blog/website. Google AdSense pays user on PPC basis. However, getting approval for an AdSense account is a daunting task hence, many bloggers who don't get approval for a Google AdSense account, seek for best Google AdSense alternative. So, here are best Google AdSense alternatives-

(b) AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal is one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense. The Great thing is that it offers CPM based ads, that means you'll get paid for per thousand impressions. Hence, it becomes much easier to make money by CPM ads as compared to PPC ads. Though, you need to have a high amount of traffic on your blog/website if you want to make some decent income.

(c) Infolinks

Infolinks is another great alternative to Google AdSense. It offers a variety of ads such like in text ads, in fold ads, in article ads, in tag ads, etc. Infolinks also provides ads from popular content discovery site Taboola. So, if you are the one who are upset about not getting approved by Taboola due to its large blog/website traffic requirement, then you must try Infolinks.

(II) By Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another excellent way to make money from a blog/website, more specifically if it is a business blog. In affiliate marketing, you receive a commission for promoting the products of a given company. Here are few great affiliate marketing networks-

. Amazon Associates

. Commission Junction

. Google AdSense

These are all easiest ways to earn money. Don't be afraid to use comment section if you have any problem or query. Stay tuned for more.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Some important things to consider before buying a smartphone

The smartphone has become one of the crucial parts of our life. There are many options available in the market when it comes to buying a new smartphone. Hence, it becomes quite essential to know what's right for you. Today we talk about some important aspects of a smartphone, which people usually ignore. So, go ahead and make yourself ready for making a great decision.

1. Choose the best OS for you

Before buying a smartphone, it is essential to decide which OS fits best for you. There is a lot of debate between Android and Windows OS. Each OS is best for its purpose. Get the iPhone if you want the best security and hottest apps. Windows OS is good if you want a neat and quick user interface. It is both, comfortable to use and well built. Android is also a good option if you want to access the vast library of apps.

IMO, iOS is the best as long as you are willing to pay for its premium yet expensive services. For people with thin pockets, decide between Android and Windows OS. Windows OS suits best for official work, but it'll also not disappoint you for entertainment purpose. Smartphones running on Windows OS have better battery backup as compared to smartphones that are running Android OS.

2. Think twice before buying a bigger smartphone

It is a very obvious decision to go for a smartphone with large screen size. Large screen size serves you best when it comes to watching movies, browsing the web and playing games. But, things may get worse when it comes to handling those beasts. You need both hands to operate a phablet, and it hardly fits in your pocket. The sweet spot for screen size lies between 4.5-5.4 inches. So, think twice before shifting to a phablet otherwise you'll regret it later.

3. Phone resolution doesn't matter

I often see people blindly falling for higher screen resolution despite the low screen size of their smartphone. Higher resolution unquestionably makes text and images crispier, but it is overkill for a small sized screen. You need a bigger screen size to fill those extra pixels. Pixel density(PPI) also plays an important role when it comes to image quality and overall detail. Two smartphones with same resolution may have different pixel density. Higher the PPI is, better will be the picture quality. It is recommended to go with a smartphone that has 300+ PPI density.

4. Never overlook GPU

People often ignore GPU when buying a smartphone instead they are more focused on CPU cores. A smartphone with a weak GPU struggles to play HD videos and even mid-end games even if it powers an octa-core processor. A high-end GPU can counterbalance the performance of your smartphone if it has a weak CPU, but a high-end CPU can't counterbalance the performance of your phone, which has a low-end GPU. Also, you may judge the performance of a smartphone by knowing about its GPU. Yes, a GPU is that important.

If you are curious about knowing which GPU is best, then check this list from Futuremark- Best smartphone GPUs/chipsets/CPU.

5. Don't compromise with low battery backup

Sometimes we compromise with battery size (mAh) for a smartphone which offers a great hardware at a low price point. Believe it or not, people who do such kind of mistake, often regret later. Though there are power banks available in the market to tackle this issue, you will still regret your decision later. Always go for at least 2100+ mAh battery, though, it is recommended to go for a 3000+ mAh battery for an overall great experience.

6. Always research about actual RAM what is the exact meaning behind this? Total RAM and available free RAM are two different things. The later one is crucial in deciding the performance of a phone. A majority of people fall for total RAM instead of available free RAM. Available free RAM depends on the bloatware i.e. applications which come pre-installed with a smartphone. According to this fact, two smartphones with the same amount of total RAM may differ in performance. It is because one has more available RAM than that of another. So, it is an excellent idea to research about available RAM instead of blindly believing on total RAM.

7. Real world performance differs from the one on paper

Every smartphone company claims to provide powerful hardware at a low price tag, but they don't perform accordingly in the real world. That's where the catch is. If you ever thought of buying a smartphone by looking at its spec, then you are doing it wrong. Many factors affect the performance of a smartphone. Hence, it'll not surprise me if two smartphones with the same spec differ in performance. Taking a look at benchmarks before buying a smartphone is always a smart idea.

So, these are 7 most important things to consider before the purchase of a smartphone. I hope it'll help you in making a right decision.

Feel free to give your suggestions about anything that should be added to this post.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Best legit survey sites to earn money really fast

Making money online is quite easier these days as there are too many options available online to earn some extra bucks. Filling out surveys is one of them. It definitely can't replace your day job, but it may make you some extra cash.
There are too many survey sites available on the web, but only a few of them are legit. If any site is asking you for a small deposit at the time of signup process, then watch out as it may be a scam.

How can we say that which survey site is best? Here are a few things that make a survey site great.

1. Amount of surveys

It is crucial when choosing a survey site. Nobody wants a site that gives surveys only for a few days. Getting surveys on a regular basis is essential as it will not only make you earn money fast but also keeps you motivated to hit your goals. A good example for such site is Vindale Research. It offers too many surveys on a regular basis.

2. Quality of surveys

Quality is always better than quantity. No matter how many surveys you are getting in your inbox, it is always wise to participate in quality surveys. Nobody wants to sell his personal information to third parties. So, keep this thing in mind. There are a few reputable sites like Vindale Research, Toluna, and Pinecone Research.

3. Low redeem amount

Very high redeem amount is also a common problem with most survey sites. Even if they claim to give high payout on surveys, minimum points required for redeeming a gift card are way high. Hence, choosing a survey site with a lower redeem amount will be your best bet. A few good examples of such site are iPanel and Clixsense. It won't take ages to redeem your reward.

Now you know about some important aspects of such sites, we are going to discuss the list of best survey sites. I'm keeping this list short because only the best is allowed here.

1. Vindale Research

One of the best surveys sites available on the web. It offers a huge amount of surveys, and the great thing is that all of them are quality ones. The only drawback of Vindale research is that it has very high minimum redeem amount. But, thanks to its high payout on surveys. Minimum amount to request a payment is $50, and each survey gives you around $0.5-$3. Payment method is Paypal, so there is no issue in payment as well.

2. Toluna

Toluna is on the market for quite a long time. Toluna is one of the most trusted surveys research sites. It features reward point system rather than direct cash system. Toluna offers various activities like completing a survey, various tasks, daily poll. It also pays you for creating excellent contents, and that is surely a plus. The amount of survey it offers is also great. An average survey gives you around 1000-3500 points. Minimum points required for a PayPal voucher is 50000.

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3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another great option when it comes to trusted survey research site. Though the amount of survey is not as good as Toluna or Vindale research, it offers various activities like the daily poll, daily discover, daily search and Swagstakes to earn some serious cash. Swagbucks feature reward point system known as SB points. It also offers a lot of gift cards from various merchants. Each survey gives you around 60-120 SB points. Minimum points required for redeeming a $5 Paypal voucher is 700 SB, which is quite high. Don't worry because you can also redeem gift vouchers from other merchants for as low as 500SB.

4. iPanel

iPanel is also a fantastic survey research site. While it shares survey from other websites like Toluna, it is well known for its simplicity and low redeem amount. I've got my first Paypal voucher in just four days, isn't it awesome? Minimum points required for requesting payment is 200, and each survey gives you around 30-60 points. The great thing is that you will get 50 points as a signup bonus if you register from a referral link. Signup from here and get your bonus 50 points now.

5. ClixSense

ClixSense is somewhat different from other survey research sites. Apart from surveys, it pays for various activities like viewing pages, playing games, installing apps, clicking ads. It also offers banners and a great referral system to earn extra bucks. Hence, it is quite easy to make money from ClixSense as compared to other survey sites. Each survey gives around $1, and minimum amount required to request a payment is $8. Signup from here and start earning from ClixSense.

6. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is simply the best when it comes to the quality. It is also one of the most trusted market research sites on the web. The reason why I placed it lower on the list is that they don't register new members easily. They are so much concerned about their quality. They offer various advertisement to signup new members time to time. Once you become a member of Pinecone Research, you'll get many benefits like no disqualification on surveys and very high payout on surveys.

7. Valued Opinions

Last but not least, it is Valued Opinions. It is also quite popular these days though I don't like it as much. It offers less number of surveys than any other site does. Rewards can be redeemed as gift vouchers from merchants like Amazon, FlipKart, and many others.

This is all for now. Do you know about any other survey site that should be placed on this list? Feel free to share your opinion in comments and make this list even better.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of rooting Android phone

Rooting your Android smartphone is probably one of those things, which comes in mind when you buy yourself a new phone. Rooting your Android device may be one of the best decisions of your life, or it may be the worst one. By rooting your Android device, you can increase the performance of your Android device, make it look fancy and even unlock new features which are impossible to access otherwise.

What is Root?

So, what does it mean by rooting your smartphone? Ever noticed guest and administrator account on the computer? What is the main difference between them? Guest accounts have limited permission to access files on the computer whereas administrator account has full control over a system. The Same idea lies behind Android operating system. Gaining root access provides you complete control over your Android device.

How to root your Android device?

Rooting your Android device now is much easier than it was before. All you need to do is download an app called KingoRoot and just tap on one click root button. Yes, it is that easier. You may also follow this guide for detailed instructions- How to easily root an Android device.

Advantages of rooting Android device

There are many benefits of rooting your Android device. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, who loves to have a blast with his Android device or a techno-geek, who loves to try every new custom ROM available in the market, you should consider rooting your smartphone.

1. You can uninstall crappy bloatware

You can uninstall unwanted android apps which came pre-installed on your Android device. By uninstalling these unwanted apps, you are not only going to free up a lot of space on your internal memory but also can increase the performance of your Android device. You can use Titanium backup for uninstalling these apps.

2. You can efficiently block background applications

If you are a die-hard gamer, then it is essential to free up as much RAM as you can. Almost all task managers are useless when it comes to freezing/killing apps which are running in the background. Why is it so? When you kill background apps/services, they will start automatically after some time and do only one thing, and that is annoying you. But after rooting your phone, you can freeze those stubborn apps for as long as you want. Freezing unwanted apps in the background ensure a smooth gaming experience/browsing experience.

If you want a great task manager that works well with your rooted Android device, then I would suggest you go with ES Task Manager. For freezing background apps, you may go with Titanium backup or App Quarantine.

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3. You can install custom ROM

Custom ROM is another great reason to root your Android device. Flashing new ROM on your Android device not only makes it cooler but also adds up a lot of new function. Custom ROM provides refreshing UI, tweaked apps, better signal quality, and obviously better performance. The biggest thing that I like about custom ROM is that you don't need to wait for official updates for upgrading OS of your Android device.
Interested in flashing custom ROM? Follow this guide to do the same- How to flash a ROM to your Android phone.

4. Backup all of your important data

Backing up your data is crucial. Without root, you left with only a few options of backup but after rooting your device, you have access to Titanium Backup, which is by far the best app for backing up your heart's content.
For backing up stock ROM, it is recommended to install ClockworkMod recovery first. Follow the guides given below to install ClockworkMod-

5. You can increase RAM of your Android device

Yes, you heard it right. You can increase RAM of your Android device "virtually". It works somewhat similar to the pagefile on a PC. There are lots of tools available in the market to increase RAM of your Android smartphone. These tools create a swap file/partition in SD card which works as a virtual RAM. Few useful tools for expanding RAM are- Swapper for Root, ROEHSOFT RAM Expander.

Here is a detailed guide on expanding RAM of your Android device- How to increase RAM of your Android phone.

Note: These tools require swap support from the kernel to work correctly. Hence, it may or may not work for every phone. So, check compatibility first.

6. You can increase internal memory of your Android device

Ever ran out of phone memory when installing large apps? No matter how big is your SD card in term of memory, it is essential to maintain a minimum space in your phone's internal memory. Every application takes up a certain amount of space in internal memory even if you move it to SD card. Hence, it is essential to have ample amount of space in your phone memory.

Good news is that you can increase your phone's internal memory by sharing SD card's memory. Yes, it is unquestionably a plus if you have a bigger SD card (8gb+) though, it is recommended to have a faster SD card (class 10 recommended).
Guide- How to increase internal memory of any Android device.

7. You can get NTFS support on SD card

While NTFS file format support is of no use for average users, but it is surely a lifesaver for advanced users. Many users may ask, what is the benefit of having an SD card with NTFS file format?
By default, Android uses FAT32 file format, which has 4GB file size limit. According to it, you can't transfer a file to your SD card which is 4GB or more in size. So, neither you can enjoy 1080p movies, nor you can download bigger files(4GB+). Disappointing, isn't it?

Good news is that you can evade this restriction by formatting SD card to NTFS. Follow this guide to do the same- NTFS on your Android with full read and write support.

8. You may get OTG support on your Android device

One of the best reasons to root your Android device. You may enable OTG support on few devices (not all) even if they are not supported officially. It may or may not work for every Android device as it requires a kernel with mass storage mode support. So, it is best to check if your device is supported or not.

How to get OTG support on Android.

9. You can overclock your phone's hardware

While it is a great feature to increase the performance of your Android device significantly, it is not recommended at all because most Android smartphones already have heating issues. You may end up melting your lovely device.

10. You can block Ads from any app

You can remove those annoying ads from free apps or games. Blocking ads from apps provides a great user experience, and it keeps you away from malware and spyware.

11. Enhanced security from Antivirus software

Yes, it is true. Most Android antiviruses (like Avast) provide firewall support, but you need root access to use that feature. Hence, it is another plus of rooting your Android device.

Disadvantages of Rooting your Android Smartphone

Apart from having attractive, eye-catching features, Rooting also has its dark side. If you found it useful, then keep in mind that it is equally harmful as well. Below are few points that will make you think twice before rooting your Android device.

1. Rooting will void your Android device's warranty

It is not a good idea to root your Android device when it is in warranty period. Though there are methods to unroot your Android device, it is better to avoid rooting your phone in warranty period.

2. You may end up bricking your phone

As I mentioned earlier, rooting your phone is comparatively easier these days than it was before, but things won't always go smoothly. If there is any failure during root process (like power cut due to low battery), you may end up bricking your adorable device.

3. Risk of messing up your phone completely

After getting root access, you get full control over your Android device. Well, such freedom provides a lot of room for tweaking your phone, but for newbie users, it invites many problems. Messing up with critical services may ruin your whole device so, be prepared for that.

That's all for now. I believe that this post will assist you in making a decision whether to root your phone or not.

Feel free to share this post if you found it useful.

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Saturday, 21 May 2016

5 Must have tools for every Blogger

Hello bazookas, what's up? Today we will talk about some essential blogging tools. When it comes to the best, the list is never-ending. There are many marvelous tools available on the web. Hence, it is quite challenging to narrow down the entire list into top five. Anyone who is blogging, can't imagine the world without these tools. So, here are the five hand-picked tools that everyone should have.

1. Grammarly

Probably the best writing enhancement tool on the web. It can detect 250+ grammatical errors, polish your writing by giving word suggestions and plagiarism detection. Plagiarism detection helps you to ensure, that contents of your post are 100% original. While the free version offers limited options, the premium version is highly recommended as it adds up a lot more functionality.
The premium version of Grammarly provides advanced error detection, plagiarism detection, and vocabulary enhancement. It also lets you use Grammarly in MS Office.

You can signup from here to get one week of Grammarly premium for free.

The free version of Grammarly isn't that efficient, but the premium version can do miracles. If you are using the free version of Grammarly, then it is recommended to use it with the combination of Polishmywriting and Paperrater.

2. SEOquake

If you are using Blogger as one of your blogging platforms, then SEOquake is a great plugin for you. I know that it is nowhere near like SEO by Yoast, but it is surely a great alternative. It is available as Google Chrome extension; hence, it is quite easy to integrate it into the browser. SEOquake provides information about page rank, Google index, Alexa rank, HTML tags and many others. SEOquake is also available on different browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
I'll recommend you to use this plugin in a different browser as it will slow down your browser.

3. Prourls

Prourls is not ideal for everyone, but it is surely a life saver for those who are using affiliate marketing (especially Amazon) on their blog. It lets you merge different affiliate account into a single link. As a result, when a visitor clicks on a link from another country, Prourl will redirect him to his local shopping store i.e. to or
Everyone should give it a shot. Highly recommended!!

4. Google Keyword Planner

Finding SEO optimized keywords is the first step to writing quality posts and making your presence in Google search results. Google Keyword Planner is unquestionably the best free keyword tool available on the web. Google Keyword Planner gives you an idea about long tail keywords by providing search volume for each keyword.
Another great alternative to Google Keyword Planner is Keyword Tool.

5. Google Analytics

Last but not least, it is Google Analytics. Probably the best tool to monitor traffic on your website/Blog. Google Analytics is a free website analytic service that tracks and reports website/blog traffic. With Google Analytics, you can monitor your traffic's geographical location, age, gender, interest, and behavior.
Though Google Analytics is a freemium service, using it with Alexa yield amazing results.

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Didn't find your favorite tool on the list? Let us know by dropping a comment.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How to Play High Graphic Games Smoothly On a Low-End Android Device

Ever wanted to play HD console quality games on your budget Android smartphone? When it comes to gaming performance, most of the budget friendly smartphones have a hard time delivering satisfactory performance. That is the moment when you regret your decision of buying a budget smartphone though it doesn't mean at all that you need to have those expensive, killing machines to enjoy those games.

The gaming industry is rapidly growing these days. Many console ports are making their way to the Android platform. Even native Android games are evolving in term of graphics, and that is why we are getting an immense boost in system requirements.

Even though there are some powerful smartphones available in the market, budget smartphone segment still leads the race when it comes to the number of users. That's why today we are talking about low-end Android smartphones.

So here is how you can optimize gaming performance of your Android smartphone -

(1) By increasing Android performance using primary tweaks

(2) By tweaking your Android device using some essential apps

Part 1: How to increase your Android device performance

In this segment, we will discuss some significant tweaks to optimize the overall performance of your Android device. If you are following this section, then you don't need to have a rooted Android smartphone so, everyone can follow these steps.

(i) By Killing Applications running in the background

Applications, which are continuously running in the background, are the primary cause of stutters and choppy performance during gameplay. You may consider using a good task killer (ES Task Manager works quite well) though, none of them works exceptionally well unless you have root access. I have some better options for the users, who have rooted smartphones. I'll talk about them in next part.

(ii) Disabling unnecessary applications

Almost all smartphones, especially the low-budget smartphones, comes pre-loaded with bloatware, but the good thing is that you can disable them on newer Android versions. This method will help you in saving valuable space in your internal memory.
Follow these simple methods to do it -

. First, go to settings menu
. Tap on Apps
. Scroll right to find "ALL" application tab
. Now select the app, which you want to disable

. Now click on the disable button

Note: You can enable all these disabled apps, later. So, feel safe to disable all unnecessary apps.

(iii) Clearing cache/junk data

We all love to check some cool apps regularly. But, those apps leave behind junk files after uninstallation. Similarly, your Android device's web browser also store junk files every time you browse the web. This cache data not only takes up too much space but also degrade SD card's performance.

There are too many options to remove cache data. Any task manager like ES Task Manager will do the job.

Though if you want to do it manually, which you should if you are running low on memory, then follow these simple yet effective steps: -
. Go to settings menu
. Tap on storage option

. Tap on cached data button (as shown above in the image)
. Click on ok button

(iv) Upgrading to class 10 SD card

While it is fine to use class 4 and class 6 SD card for day to day tasks, but upgrading to a class 10 SD card surely adds a chunk of performance. It is highly recommended to use a class 10 SD card for gaming and 1080p video recording.

Using a class 10 SD card will increase read and write speed hence you'll see better loading times and much less lag in graphically demanding games.

(v) Scanning for viruses

While Android devices are less vulnerable to virus and malware as compared to PC, but it is always great to stick with the safer side. You may go with antivirus of your personal choice, but if your Android device is rocking 512mb of RAM or lower, then go with the app which performs all of your tasks like clearing cache, removing the virus, etc.

Though, I will not recommend using antivirus program while gaming as it may cause performance issues.

Part 2: Tweaking gaming performance using some essential tools

In this segment, we will discuss some tools, which will significantly boost your Android device performance. Please do note that this section is only for rooted users, you may consider rooting your phone instead simply follow steps that mentioned above.
Follow the guide below if you want to know how to root your Android smartphone.

How to root your Android smartphone?

Now you know how to root your Android device, it's time to dive even deeper.
Here, I'm recommending some apps to tweak the performance of your Android device, and get the best out of it.

(i) GLTools

GLTools is a custom OpenGLES driver. This utility simply lets you tweak your OpenGL's setting i.e. it let you change the size of the texture, changing the resolution, forcing MSAA, optimize shaders.

The best thing about this is that it is compatible with all GPU vendors. So, in case you have a low-end GPU, it will make your GPU compatible with high-end games.
This tool is also useful for Android users, who have higher end GPUs as it will force MSAA and higher resolution to make image quality even better.

(ii) ChainFire 3D

ChainFire 3D is similar to GLTools. It will do all the things that GLTools can. But, this tool will only work up to Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread). You should go with GLTools if you have a higher version of Android.

(iii) Seeder

Another great piece of software. Seeder fixes the lag, caused by Android's user interface. Seeder rebuilds the entropy data, which dries over time and cause performance delays. So, if you are tired of delays during switching between apps or when accessing apps, it will patch those problems.

(iv) Freezing Background Apps

In the previous part, I discussed task managers. One thing is clear, if you don't have root access on your Android smartphone, then those task managers are utterly useless.
Even if you kill all apps, they will back again after a few minutes.

A better choice is to go with an app that can freeze those stubborn background applications. Some great options are-

Increasing RAM in Android device

Is it possible to increase RAM using the software? The answer is yes and NO.
Of course, it is not possible to increase RAM physically, but logically you can increase it. We can do it by creating a partition on SD card and use it as virtual memory. Do note that you need to have a swappable kernel in your Android device to increase the RAM.
A great utility for increasing RAM is "Swapper for Root."

Here is a detailed guide on using swapper for Android.

I hope you liked it.

Don't hesitate to share your opinion.

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