Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Must have android apps

Either you bought your new Android smartphone, or you switched to android from another platform, what is the first thing you do to your smartphone? You'll go to play store to download some of the amazing apps, don't you?
So today I'm going to suggest you some very useful apps for your Android device and believe me these apps are must have for every Android device whether you are a newbie or an experienced user.

So get ready and check out these apps-

1. ES file explorer:-

This app is the most basic one, and you need to download it to access your SD card and necessary data as some Android stock versions don't feature any file manager, without a file manager you are unable to access files stored on your sd card.
Another good alternative is the Astro File Manager.

2. UC Browser/Chrome:-

Not to mention that you'll need a good browser before doing anything else on your Android device.
Both chrome and UC browser are the good options but for Indian readers, I'll recommend UC browser as they are running some good activities (Guessing games ) recently which are pretty fun and awarding as well.

3. MX Player:-

Currently best player on android for playing videos as it supports all of the major file formats including HEVC.
Though there are also some big names like Vlc media player available on the Android platform, they are still in their early stage, and MX player is there for quite a long time.

4. Poweramp Music Player:-

Hey, music lovers ! if you'll ever ask me about the best music player on Android, I'll recommend "Poweramp Music Player."
First of all, the interface is stunning. Another thing is that it gives a lot of options for tweaking audio quality, and because of that you would get the best out of your Android device.

There is a free version available on play store which gives you a 14-day trial after that you have to purchase the app.
So the chances are good that you'll end up buying it.

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5. Utorrent:-

If you are a download lover and often download music, popular movies or other media, then this app is for you as it can download torrents from favorite sites.

Disclaimer: - I'm not here to promote piracy. Downloading copyrighted material is illegal so, Please support the developers if you like their work.

6. Skype:-

Most popular app for making video calls, sharing photos, messages. We can't imagine the world without it because now it becomes an important aspect of our life. Developers are regularly adding many new features to Skype. Other alternatives for Skype are Yahoo, Line, Oovoo, and Tango.

7. Whatsapp Messenger:-

Well, this app needs no introduction as it quickly becomes one of the good reasons to have a smartphone.
From messages to voice calls, this app provides a lot of features and the good thing is that it does not demand any subscription fee.
The Only bad thing is that it does not support video calls, but developers are constantly upgrading it.


PPSSPP is the best emulator to simulate PSP games on your Android device.
As this emulator is fully functional now so, you may expect good performance on your Android device.
If you are a hardcore gamer, I have to say "This app is a must have."

9. Google Drive:-

An excellent cloud storage service to backup and protect your important documents, photos, music and everything.
With Google drive, you initially get 10 GB of free space to upload your heart's content, but if you are someone who needs to upload loads of data to cloud services, then you can avail premium membership to expand storage capacity. Another great alternative for Google drive is Onedrive.

10. Avast Antivirus:-

This time, I'm not going to say that this antivirus is best because there are a lot of options available including some big names like Kaspersky, Norton, AVG.
Each of them works differently and has different detection rate. Avast has 98% detection rate.
If you are seeking for a great and free antivirus, then go with Avast and if you want a great but paid alternative, then go with Kaspersky.

11. App Quarantine (Root required):-

If you are a veteran of Android, then you know that ordinary task killers won't work that efficiently as when you kill apps they become active automatically after some time.
This app freezes the desired app for as long as you want.

If you ask me-"why I need to use this app"?

The answer is- (i) Use it if you are running out of free RAM or have a smartphone with low RAM.
                 (ii) Use it if you are annoyed of useless pre-installed apps popping out now and then.

Note: Don't use this app if you are a newbie or don't know much about it.

12. Titanium Backup (Root required):-

Highly recommended ! as it backups your entire device data, create app installer from installed apps, freezing apps, restoring apps, uninstalling unwanted inbuilt apps, removing ads, transfer apps from phone to SD card and much more.
You can do pretty much everything by using this app. It's one of the best apps ever made for the Android platform.

It's all for now, I hope you like it and remember one thing- "Sharing is caring."

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

How to add adfly on blogger

A basic introduction to

Hello to all "Bazookas" reading this post, today we are going to talk about Adfly and fix the banner issue that many users are reporting.

Well, AdFly doesn't need any introduction to be honest, but it's my responsibility to inform you.
AdFly is a URL shortening service which shrinks larger URL into the smaller one, and the good thing is that they pay for every click on their link.

Getting your hands on

Before you add Adfly on Blogger, you need an account on Adfly. So, please signup for an Adfly account. After registering an account, you may proceed further.

Adding to blogger:-

Now it's time to add Adfly to your blog whether it is Blogger or WordPress.
It is relatively easy to add in WordPress as it features integrated plugin so nothing more to talk about that.
So now we talk about adding it to blogger.

Adding website entry script to blogger:-

First, make sure that you have signed in into your Adfly account, now click on tool button and then select website entry script tab.

copy code from the box (similar to the code as shown above).

Now go to your blogger account > click on Layout > click on Add widget > select HTML/Javascript widget from the menu > paste the code in the box and hit save button.

NOTE: - Code shown above in image is for reference purpose only, make sure you copy code from your account.

Adding website entry script with banner:-

The method shown above is for interstitial links, but now it's time to add website entry script with the banner.

All you have to do is to change only a single line of previous code.(as shown above)
The following image will explain that:-

After making this change and click on save button.

Difference between interstitial link and banner:-

When we are talking about website entry script with an interstitial link, it means that when a visitor access your blog, he'll come across with a "skip ad" advertisement first instead of your blog. But when you select website entry script with a banner, he'll come across directly to your blog with a banner flashing at the top.

Which is better by the way?

In my opinion, website entry script with banner is way better than website entry script with interstitial link because of following reasons:-

Interstitial link annoys visitors as they have to skip ads every time they want to visit your blog. As a result, they may leave your blog.

Even though banner pays less as compared to interstitial link (nearly half payout) but it is better to have half payout instead of half traffic.

Adding full page script to blogger:-

Full page script turns all links from your blog to links so if you have a lot of link on your blog, or you want to change every link to Adfly links automatically; it is indeed a good idea.

To add Full page script to the blogger you have to perform an almost similar method.
Go to Full page script tab of your Adfly account > copy code > go to your blogger account > click on Layout tab > click on Add widget > select HTML/Javascript widget from menu > paste your code into the box and tap save button.

How to fix the banner problem:-

Some users are facing this issue due to which your banner won't load at all even if you add website entry script with the banner.

Here is the solution:-

Your banner stops loading when you visit your own banner multiple times and Adfly don't like that.

To fix this issue, you only need to remove that HTML widget ( which is causing the problem) and add it again.
After adding that open your blog and click on any link (can be your any post), if a pop-up appears after clicking then you are all set.

Don't worry about it if you still can't see your banner because other visitors will see that usually.

If you still don't get it, open your blog in a different browser, and you'll find that your banner is loading normally.

I hope you like my post.....enjoy.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Best ways to increase your pc performance

How to increase your PC performance:-

We all like how our PC runs when it is brand new and want it to run like that forever but as the time passes our PC starts to show sluggishness, lag, blue screens and becomes slow but it's easy to get that "lost" performance back.
Here are some tips that can make your PC runs like a brand new PC:-

1. Clearing junk files and fixing registry files:-

we all love to browse the internet but every time we browse it, it creates temporary files that occupy space on your HDD and makes your system longer to boot.
Similarly, when you uninstall any app from your PC, it leaves behind junk and traces in registry files that can lead to some serious performance issues and even well known "blue screens of death."
There are lots of applications to remove junk files and fixing registry files, but I recommend to go with CCleaner.
Another good alternative is "Advance system care" but it's excellent if you have both of them.

2. Defragmenting your hard drives:-

Defragmenting your hard disk improves load time significantly. It's recommended to run this utility once in a week. You don't need any third party application because windows default disk defragmenter works great.
To run this utility, click on start > accessories > system tools > disk defragmenter.
This utility repairs bad sectors in your HDD hence make it loads data faster.

3. Scan your computer for viruses:-

Viruses, malware, can cause major performance issues if present on a system. They are the memory hog and can make your PC sluggish and also cause infamous "Blue screens".
It is recommended to switch to a good antivirus software.
Though there are too many good options, I recommend "Malwarebytes" because it has good detection rate.

4. Disabling power saving features:-

The window usually saves power by parking additional cores and even by reducing clock and just put the system in the ideal state. As a result, when you do any CPU intensive work you'll notice hiccups, lags.
Power saving features pre-activated in laptops, to disable it follow these simple steps:-

(a) Click on the control panel and click on power option.

(b) Select "Balanced" plan for laptop and "High performance" plan for the desktop.

5. Disabling background services and startup items:-

This step is helpful to those users who have lower RAM (4gb or less) on their system.
Same goes for startup items as disabling them increase Windows boot time significantly. Follow these steps to do this:-

(a) Hit Windows key+R key on the desktop to access "Run" window or just click on the run button from the start menu.

(b) On run window type msconfig and hit enter and you'll see a window like shown above.

(c) Highlight "services" tab and also put a check on "Hide Microsoft services" so you won't mess with critical system services.

(d) After hiding Microsoft services, put a check on unnecessary services and click on "Disable all".

(e) Now go to "Startup" tab and check all item then click on "Disable all."

(f) Now click on "ok" and then restart your computer.

NOTE: - only use step no.5 if you are an experienced user or know what are you doing else you may go with third party software like "Game Booster."

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