Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How to use Google Keyword Planner without adding campaign

Wants to write a great post that will attract high traffic ? for that, you need to SEO optimize your post title by adding SEO optimized keywords. The best and free tool to find SEO optimized keywords and search volume data is the Google keyword planner but wait, you need to create a campaign and need to submit billing information to access the Google Keyword Planner.

Google recently made a change in his policy by applying this mechanism; now every blogger must create a campaign before he can use Google keyword planner or other free tools. But, there is always a solution, and everyone knows that.
Here are some methods to tackle this restriction.

(a) By skipping guide tour

(b) By using low-speed glitch

Here, see this in live action if you are tired of reading

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(a) By skipping guided tour

This one is very easy as Google AdWords prompt this option officially as "skip guided tour". You'll find this option on the first menu as soon as you log into your Google AdWords account, but there is a good chance for anyone to ignore it, and once you click on continue, there is no turning back.

(b) By using low-speed glitch

This glitch is unknown for most of the users, even I found it recently. If you are one of those unlucky guys who didn't notice "skip guided tour" option and accidentally clicked on continue option after logging in to your Google AdWords account, then this glitch will surely help you. According to this glitch, you need a slow internet connection ( or very slow, possibly a 2G connection ) and having a smartphone is also recommended.

All you need to do is log into your Google AdWords account using your phone (you may also use a PC). It requires very long time to load a page but keep proceeding until you find billing information tab.

Skipping billing information

I hope that you have completed all the previous steps i.e. Setting up a campaign, reviewing site.

Now the real show begins. When you open billing information section using a slow internet connection, let it load correctly, and when it has done, Google AdWords just prompt an error saying that "It took longer than expected for the system to respond. Please disable any ad-blocking software and try refreshing this page. You may also set up billing preferences later.". If you have successfully received this error, then click on continue and enjoy Google Keyword Planner.

Note: If you didn't receive this error, then reload the page. If it didn't work for you then try to make your connection slower and reload the page again, you might also find some tools to throttle your internet speed, but it is wise not to use those tools, instead, use a 2G connection using a USB dongle or with a phone modem.

Note: You can delete campaign as soon as you finish creating it and Google keyword planner will continue to work fine.

Anything that I missed? Feel free to give your suggestions.

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  1. I tried this and you have to create a campaign despite creating a new google ac and " skip the guided tour", guess it doesn't work w/out having an Ad words ac anymore. Any suggestions?

    1. I personally tested both steps i.e. "skip guided tour" and low-speed glitch, both of them worked for me.
      If you accidentally clicked on continue button despite clicking on "skip guided tour" then you have to create a campaign first ( only need to create an add and enter desired bid) but you don't need to enter billing information.
      Skip billing option (like mentioned in screenshot above) and click on continue then you can use Google keyword planner.
      One more thing, you can delete your created ad any time so it is not an issue, our goal is to access Google Keyword Planner.

    2. You can also use this method for Google keyword planner without active campaign

  2. thanks a lot
    you are genius

  3. Its work for me,thanks.

  4. Thanks for the low speed glitch tip, this worked for me. I used the trial version of NetLimiter to slow my internet on my desktop.

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