Monday, 25 April 2016

How to increase blog traffic fast

Every blogger dreams of getting huge and quality traffic to his blog. To achieve that goal, many bloggers take "shortcut way". They obviously get traffic by that method, and there is no doubt about that, but that traffic isn't quality traffic at all and won't last longer than a few days. Such mistakes affect them in a long run and sometimes even result in ruining their blogging career. Building quality traffic takes time, and it can be anything from six months to one year.

Increase blog/website traffic

Here are some easy yet clever tips that may help you in building quality blog traffic/ site traffic.

(a) Quality content

Writing unique and engaging content surely helps in building quality blog traffic. Some may ask, what does quality content mean?
 Content which helps other people in any way ( solving problems or discovering something new), called quality content.
Copying content from others doesn't give you traffic but discovering something new from existing content can. You may find multiple posts on a particular topic. For example, suppose any topic, like "SEO." You may find various posts on SEO but what does it mean ? do they copying each other's content? If it is then why are they successful?
The answer is a big fat "NO". Everyone requires a base to move forward, and it is just a matter of finding new possibilities out of it.

(b) Focusing on quality keywords

Writing quality content is a good idea, but the most important thing is to focus it on the correct audience. You don't want your blog to be found by the wrong audience, resulting in higher bounce rates and finally decline in Google search results.
Various tools are there on the web to find optimized keywords. I'll highly recommend you to use "Google Keyword Planner" because it is Google's official tool and it clearly works best.

It is always an outstanding idea to use keywords which have low competition and high search volume.

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(c) Selection of broad topics

Focusing on a particular niche is essential for building the reputation of your blog/website, but writing posts on other niches might interest audience, and if it has done perfectly, may result in even greater upcoming traffic.
Writing topics on various niches not only interest your visitors but also result in lower bounce rate which means better ranking in google search results.

(d) Targeting international audience

If your blog or website targets audience in a particular country, then it is an excellent idea to focus it internationally. Globally targeting your blog will result in a significant boost in traffic as it will reach to larger audience. But if you have a business blog that focuses a particular region, and it can't provide services outside that area then there is nothing much you can do about that.

(e) Make your blog/website SEO friendly

If your blog/website is "old enough" then focusing on SEO is something we called "MUST." While SEO provides better ranking in Google search results, it's not a good idea for new bloggers to focus on SEO too much instead of focusing on quality content.
I'm not going to talk much about SEO because there are lots of great posts on the web. I'll highly recommend reading this post for better SEO understanding.

(f) Writing content regularly

 Regularly writing content keeps your blog higher in Google search results. Google ranks blogs/websites higher which get updated frequently. Now the question is, how frequently do I need to update my blog?

The answer is 2 or 3 times a week. Yes, you heard it right. Many people will tell you to update your blog daily but stop and think, can you maintain the quality of all of your posts? Even if you managed to do that then answer me, how long can you do that? You'll eventually become dry.

(g) Don't forget to share your post on social media

Writing quality content but not sharing it to social media is something like creating an awesome painting but not showing it to others.
People will praise your work only if they find it.

Now you'll ask me, where do I share it? Which is the best place?

If you are brand new to blogging or don't have huge followers on social media sites, then Quora will be your best friend but if you are the one who is insanely popular on social media then go for Stumbleupon, Scoop it, Digg, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

Don't ever forget to share your post on Google plus.

(h) Never give up

Everyone has highs and lows in his life, and same goes for blogging career. But key formula to success is never giving up. Getting traffic to your blog requires time, and it can be up to one year. In that time, you need to write quality content consistently.

Anything that I missed? Your valuable suggestions are invited.


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