Thursday, 7 April 2016

Amazing tricks to increase gaming performance of your pc - get 20+ fps boost

Tired of choppy frame rates?

How bad it feels when you buy the latest game only to find out that it runs like a potato on your system, and then you start your campaign for tweaking it and after hours of struggle, all you get is nothing.
Well, don't lose your hope because you are not alone in this battle, and that's why I'm here to discuss some innovative methods to fix low fps, stuttering, lags in games.

Kill the traditional way and try something different

I'm not going to tell you to lower your graphics setting or updating your video card drivers and neither I am telling you to upgrade to expensive killing machines because not everyone can afford that.
Do note that some games are awfully ported (most Ubisoft games) so don't expect such great boost as mentioned in the post but for most games, you'll gain an average of 20 fps and game itself will become much smoother.

Unpark all of your CPU cores:-

This tweak is a must do for every gamer out there as it affects CPU heavy games like Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, GTA 5 and most multiplayer games as well.
What this utility does is unpark all ideal cores (which are not in use at that time) of CPU. As a result, the whole load on cores divide equally.
Unparking your CPU cores not only increase fps but is also a fix to lag and stuttering.
I recommend to use this utility for multi-core PCs (4 cores or more), but it won't hurt if you use it on a dual core system.
You can search for the utility on Google as "CPU unparking app" or you can download it directly from here.
After finishing download follow these steps:-
. Extract it using WinRAR or 7-Zip
. Click on Check Status button
. Click on unpark all button
. Reboot your system

Note: - You can revert these changes at any time by clicking on park all button so feel safe to use it

Disable all power saving features:-

If you are one who experiencing the freezing problem (i.e. game freezes for 1-2 second then become usual again), then this tweak is for you. You need to disable power saving features from both Windows and BIOS.


First, you need to disable power saving features from BIOS menu. To do this simply follow these steps-
. Start computer after shutdown or by pressing restart button
. When the system is booting, keep pressing DELETE button on your keyword until you face a blue window with all system information.
. Find these option and turn them off- C1E support, C3/C6 state support, Intel C state
. After turning off all of the features mentioned above, simply click on save and exit button
. The first step has done. Now we disable remaining features from Windows

In Windows:-

This step is quite simple comparing the previous step, keep on going-
. Go to control panel either from desktop or from start menu
. Click on power options tab
. Select High-performance plan from drop down menu
. It has done. You are going well

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Performance fix for Unreal Engine games: -

If you have already faced stuttering/freezing issue with Unreal Engine games, then you might know what I am talking about. You simply need to change two lines in game's Engine.ini file.
To do that follow these steps-
. Go to Steamapps\common\your game\Engine\Config
. Find the file BaseEngine.ini and open it using notepad
. Find these two lines and change them as mention below
. Change "bSmoothFrameRate=TRUE" to "bSmoothFrameRate=FALSE"
. Also make sure that these lines are as follows- "MinSmoothedFrameRate=22" and "MaxSmoothedFrameRate=62"

That's all guys! I hope you like this post. Please remember to share if this post helped you.

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