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Advantages and disadvantages of rooting Android phone

Rooting your Android smartphone is probably one of those things, which comes in mind when you buy yourself a new phone. Rooting your Android device may be one of the best decisions of your life, or it may be the worst one. By rooting your Android device, you can increase the performance of your Android device, make it look fancy and even unlock new features which are impossible to access otherwise.

What is Root?

So, what does it mean by rooting your smartphone? Ever noticed guest and administrator account on the computer? What is the main difference between them? Guest accounts have limited permission to access files on the computer whereas administrator account has full control over a system. The Same idea lies behind Android operating system. Gaining root access provides you complete control over your Android device.

How to root your Android device?

Rooting your Android device now is much easier than it was before. All you need to do is download an app called KingoRoot and just tap on one click root button. Yes, it is that easier. You may also follow this guide for detailed instructions- How to easily root an Android device.

Advantages of rooting Android device

There are many benefits of rooting your Android device. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, who loves to have a blast with his Android device or a techno-geek, who loves to try every new custom ROM available in the market, you should consider rooting your smartphone.

1. You can uninstall crappy bloatware

You can uninstall unwanted android apps which came pre-installed on your Android device. By uninstalling these unwanted apps, you are not only going to free up a lot of space on your internal memory but also can increase the performance of your Android device. You can use Titanium backup for uninstalling these apps.

2. You can efficiently block background applications

If you are a die-hard gamer, then it is essential to free up as much RAM as you can. Almost all task managers are useless when it comes to freezing/killing apps which are running in the background. Why is it so? When you kill background apps/services, they will start automatically after some time and do only one thing, and that is annoying you. But after rooting your phone, you can freeze those stubborn apps for as long as you want. Freezing unwanted apps in the background ensure a smooth gaming experience/browsing experience.

If you want a great task manager that works well with your rooted Android device, then I would suggest you go with ES Task Manager. For freezing background apps, you may go with Titanium backup or App Quarantine.

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3. You can install custom ROM

Custom ROM is another great reason to root your Android device. Flashing new ROM on your Android device not only makes it cooler but also adds up a lot of new function. Custom ROM provides refreshing UI, tweaked apps, better signal quality, and obviously better performance. The biggest thing that I like about custom ROM is that you don't need to wait for official updates for upgrading OS of your Android device.
Interested in flashing custom ROM? Follow this guide to do the same- How to flash a ROM to your Android phone.

4. Backup all of your important data

Backing up your data is crucial. Without root, you left with only a few options of backup but after rooting your device, you have access to Titanium Backup, which is by far the best app for backing up your heart's content.
For backing up stock ROM, it is recommended to install ClockworkMod recovery first. Follow the guides given below to install ClockworkMod-

5. You can increase RAM of your Android device

Yes, you heard it right. You can increase RAM of your Android device "virtually". It works somewhat similar to the pagefile on a PC. There are lots of tools available in the market to increase RAM of your Android smartphone. These tools create a swap file/partition in SD card which works as a virtual RAM. Few useful tools for expanding RAM are- Swapper for Root, ROEHSOFT RAM Expander.

Here is a detailed guide on expanding RAM of your Android device- How to increase RAM of your Android phone.

Note: These tools require swap support from the kernel to work correctly. Hence, it may or may not work for every phone. So, check compatibility first.

6. You can increase internal memory of your Android device

Ever ran out of phone memory when installing large apps? No matter how big is your SD card in term of memory, it is essential to maintain a minimum space in your phone's internal memory. Every application takes up a certain amount of space in internal memory even if you move it to SD card. Hence, it is essential to have ample amount of space in your phone memory.

Good news is that you can increase your phone's internal memory by sharing SD card's memory. Yes, it is unquestionably a plus if you have a bigger SD card (8gb+) though, it is recommended to have a faster SD card (class 10 recommended).
Guide- How to increase internal memory of any Android device.

7. You can get NTFS support on SD card

While NTFS file format support is of no use for average users, but it is surely a lifesaver for advanced users. Many users may ask, what is the benefit of having an SD card with NTFS file format?
By default, Android uses FAT32 file format, which has 4GB file size limit. According to it, you can't transfer a file to your SD card which is 4GB or more in size. So, neither you can enjoy 1080p movies, nor you can download bigger files(4GB+). Disappointing, isn't it?

Good news is that you can evade this restriction by formatting SD card to NTFS. Follow this guide to do the same- NTFS on your Android with full read and write support.

8. You may get OTG support on your Android device

One of the best reasons to root your Android device. You may enable OTG support on few devices (not all) even if they are not supported officially. It may or may not work for every Android device as it requires a kernel with mass storage mode support. So, it is best to check if your device is supported or not.

How to get OTG support on Android.

9. You can overclock your phone's hardware

While it is a great feature to increase the performance of your Android device significantly, it is not recommended at all because most Android smartphones already have heating issues. You may end up melting your lovely device.

10. You can block Ads from any app

You can remove those annoying ads from free apps or games. Blocking ads from apps provides a great user experience, and it keeps you away from malware and spyware.

11. Enhanced security from Antivirus software

Yes, it is true. Most Android antiviruses (like Avast) provide firewall support, but you need root access to use that feature. Hence, it is another plus of rooting your Android device.

Disadvantages of Rooting your Android Smartphone

Apart from having attractive, eye-catching features, Rooting also has its dark side. If you found it useful, then keep in mind that it is equally harmful as well. Below are few points that will make you think twice before rooting your Android device.

1. Rooting will void your Android device's warranty

It is not a good idea to root your Android device when it is in warranty period. Though there are methods to unroot your Android device, it is better to avoid rooting your phone in warranty period.

2. You may end up bricking your phone

As I mentioned earlier, rooting your phone is comparatively easier these days than it was before, but things won't always go smoothly. If there is any failure during root process (like power cut due to low battery), you may end up bricking your adorable device.

3. Risk of messing up your phone completely

After getting root access, you get full control over your Android device. Well, such freedom provides a lot of room for tweaking your phone, but for newbie users, it invites many problems. Messing up with critical services may ruin your whole device so, be prepared for that.

That's all for now. I believe that this post will assist you in making a decision whether to root your phone or not.

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