Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Best legit survey sites to earn money really fast

Making money online is quite easier these days as there are too many options available online to earn some extra bucks. Filling out surveys is one of them. It definitely can't replace your day job, but it may make you some extra cash.
There are too many survey sites available on the web, but only a few of them are legit. If any site is asking you for a small deposit at the time of signup process, then watch out as it may be a scam.

How can we say that which survey site is best? Here are a few things that make a survey site great.

1. Amount of surveys

It is crucial when choosing a survey site. Nobody wants a site that gives surveys only for a few days. Getting surveys on a regular basis is essential as it will not only make you earn money fast but also keeps you motivated to hit your goals. A good example for such site is Vindale Research. It offers too many surveys on a regular basis.

2. Quality of surveys

Quality is always better than quantity. No matter how many surveys you are getting in your inbox, it is always wise to participate in quality surveys. Nobody wants to sell his personal information to third parties. So, keep this thing in mind. There are a few reputable sites like Vindale Research, Toluna, and Pinecone Research.

3. Low redeem amount

Very high redeem amount is also a common problem with most survey sites. Even if they claim to give high payout on surveys, minimum points required for redeeming a gift card are way high. Hence, choosing a survey site with a lower redeem amount will be your best bet. A few good examples of such site are iPanel and Clixsense. It won't take ages to redeem your reward.

Now you know about some important aspects of such sites, we are going to discuss the list of best survey sites. I'm keeping this list short because only the best is allowed here.

1. Vindale Research

One of the best surveys sites available on the web. It offers a huge amount of surveys, and the great thing is that all of them are quality ones. The only drawback of Vindale research is that it has very high minimum redeem amount. But, thanks to its high payout on surveys. Minimum amount to request a payment is $50, and each survey gives you around $0.5-$3. Payment method is Paypal, so there is no issue in payment as well.

2. Toluna

Toluna is on the market for quite a long time. Toluna is one of the most trusted surveys research sites. It features reward point system rather than direct cash system. Toluna offers various activities like completing a survey, various tasks, daily poll. It also pays you for creating excellent contents, and that is surely a plus. The amount of survey it offers is also great. An average survey gives you around 1000-3500 points. Minimum points required for a PayPal voucher is 50000.

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3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another great option when it comes to trusted survey research site. Though the amount of survey is not as good as Toluna or Vindale research, it offers various activities like the daily poll, daily discover, daily search and Swagstakes to earn some serious cash. Swagbucks feature reward point system known as SB points. It also offers a lot of gift cards from various merchants. Each survey gives you around 60-120 SB points. Minimum points required for redeeming a $5 Paypal voucher is 700 SB, which is quite high. Don't worry because you can also redeem gift vouchers from other merchants for as low as 500SB.

4. iPanel

iPanel is also a fantastic survey research site. While it shares survey from other websites like Toluna, it is well known for its simplicity and low redeem amount. I've got my first Paypal voucher in just four days, isn't it awesome? Minimum points required for requesting payment is 200, and each survey gives you around 30-60 points. The great thing is that you will get 50 points as a signup bonus if you register from a referral link. Signup from here and get your bonus 50 points now.

5. ClixSense

ClixSense is somewhat different from other survey research sites. Apart from surveys, it pays for various activities like viewing pages, playing games, installing apps, clicking ads. It also offers banners and a great referral system to earn extra bucks. Hence, it is quite easy to make money from ClixSense as compared to other survey sites. Each survey gives around $1, and minimum amount required to request a payment is $8. Signup from here and start earning from ClixSense.

6. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is simply the best when it comes to the quality. It is also one of the most trusted market research sites on the web. The reason why I placed it lower on the list is that they don't register new members easily. They are so much concerned about their quality. They offer various advertisement to signup new members time to time. Once you become a member of Pinecone Research, you'll get many benefits like no disqualification on surveys and very high payout on surveys.

7. Valued Opinions

Last but not least, it is Valued Opinions. It is also quite popular these days though I don't like it as much. It offers less number of surveys than any other site does. Rewards can be redeemed as gift vouchers from merchants like Amazon, FlipKart, and many others.

This is all for now. Do you know about any other survey site that should be placed on this list? Feel free to share your opinion in comments and make this list even better.

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