Friday, 30 September 2016

Consoles vs. PCs: Which one rules?

Most sensitive topic in the world

Believe it or not, comparing consoles with PCs is one of the most argued topics in the world. Those who experienced it knows about it very well. Those who didn't, head toward any community and express your feeling about consoles or PC and you'll find someone pulling the trigger at you already. It'll be going to happen this time as well. Here are some facts that make both of them a worthy competitor. So, get your guns ready as the war is about to start.

1. Performance

When it comes to performance, a PC can easily outperform a console, but it doesn't mean that console can't deliver the satisfying performance. I've seen many guys saying- "I've got X GPU, and it can beat those poor consoles without breaking a sweat." really guys? People often compare consoles with a much-overpowered PC. It is clearly unfair to compare a console with a system which is nearly double in price. Within a similar price bracket, a console can keep up with a PC or even outperform it.

2. Consoles have better version of a game

If you put graphics goodness aside, consoles have the better version of a game. I know that PC version of a game supports 4K and 60 fps, but is it enough to make a version better? Nowadays almost every PC version of a game plagued by bugs and bad optimization. They are less polished as compared to the console versions. But, it doesn't mean those console versions are free from bugs and poor performance, they are just less frequent. If you don't agree with this fact, just remember about the PC versions of Arkham Knight, AC: Unity, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Quantum Break, Watchdogs and many Ubisoft craps.
I'll also like to point out one more fact that many times developers roll out the console version of a game earlier than that of PC. A few examples are- Assasin Creed series, GTA series. Sorry PC fans!!

3. PC gamers have the goodness of mods

This is where the PC version of a game shines. PC gamers are blessed with amazing mods which make a game even more fantastic. I can't forget about the feeling when playing with mods in GTA, Skyrim, and Fallout. Console gamers are out of luck this time.

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4. Console exclusives can't be beaten

I admit that PC has the greater number of exclusives than consoles, but most of them are indie-RTS games. Believe it or not, they all suffer in front of console exclusives when it comes to the quality. I also admit that we don't get games like Uncharted, Last of us regularly, but when we do, PC gamers left with only two choices- Either they buy a console or watch the gameplay on youtube.
Console exclusives are one of the many reasons why many PC gamers have purchased a console. Didn't you guys?
Although PS Now has been launched in many regions which simply lets you play PlayStation exclusives on PC, it requires a fast internet connection for an optimal experience. Even with a fast connection gaming experience on PS Now is not as good as it is on console hence it is a better choice to go with consoles.

5. Both have solid social gaming experience

Both, consoles and PC offer robust online multiplayer gaming. While PC has some of the largest online multiplayer communities like counter-strike and WoW, the console's couch multiplayer gaming experience can't be beaten. In fact, split-screen multiplayer is rare on PC while the console version of the same game offers split-screen multiplayer. Now many questions will arise that who the hell wants split-screen multiplayer when we have online multiplayer? The answer is- "Playing offline with friends is way more social than playing online with strangers." Isn't it?

6. Hassle-free and long lasting gaming experience on consoles

What is the most frustrating thing for a mid-end PC gamer? Buying a latest game only to find out that it is running like a potato on his system. After that, start searching on google to fix problems, then playing with graphics settings for hours and in the end performance still sucks. This is truly what happens to PC gamers who have a budget build. Things are somewhat different with consoles. You don't have to worry about any tweaking. While most games work out of the box, many games don't, as they require you to download large patches/updates. But still, the gaming experience on consoles is hassle free as compared to PC gaming especially the mid-end one.

Another exceptional thing about consoles is that they last longer as compared to a mid-tier PC setup. If anyone doesn't agree with this fact, then think about Sony PS3 which is on the market since last eleven years or even more. Do you recall any GPU of that time? If yes, then where does that stand these days? And look, PS3 is still running every game available in the market. Such thing makes consoles a long-term investment.

7. Multipurposeness

This is another aspect where PC shines. PCs are meant more than for gaming whereas consoles are known exclusively for gaming. This fact makes PC a clear choice for an average user/gamer.

8. Consoles are pocket-friendly

Not everyone has enough money to throw on those expensive GPUs or upgrading components every once in a while. While high-end PC gamers have the luxury of playing latest AAA titles at 4K and 60 fps, gaming on low/mid-end PCs is a nightmare these days. Each budget PC build requires an upgrade in every two years which is quite frustrating at times. On the other hand, consoles need one-time investment, and then they serve you for a long time.
One more thing, while PC version of a game costs way less as compared to the console version of the exact game but the console version is way more polished than that of PC. Yeah! Optimization sucks on the PC games.


So, who won in the end? I leave this to the readers to judge. While PCs have the enormous amount of processing power and multipurposeness, consoles have their own important role. Hence, it is a smart idea to pick them both.
What do you think guys? Share your valuable opinions on the topic, and I promise that I won't pull the trigger on you.