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iPanel Review: Why it is one of the best survey sites?

Filling out the survey online is probably the easiest way to earn some quick cash, and I'm sure that every newbie starts his journey of making money online by survey sites. Market research sites provide a legit and convenient way to earn money online. There are several sites available on the web, but it is also important to be aware of many fake sites. Such fake sites may steal your personal information, and eventually cause you a big trouble.

When it comes to Market research, some big names are- Toluna, Swagbucks, iPanel and Global Test Market Research. Now, the question is that which survey site is best? Hmmm, the answer varies from user to user, but ultimately, it comes down to two deciding factors- (i) A site should have lower redemption threshold and (ii) Speed of redemption.
I'm damn sure that these two are most the important aspects in deciding the quality of a survey site.


iPanel is an online Market research site which provides paid survey to the users. It pays the users for giving their honest and valuable opinion. Apart from taking surveys, there are many other ways to earn money from iPanel. iPanel offers an excellent referral system and lucky star contest which works similar to the lottery system provided by many sites. Each referral earns you 60 points which are equal to 60 INR or $1 approximately, and each survey gives you 60-80 points generally, but there are lots of special surveys which give you around 150-300 points.
Another great thing is that you get 50 points as an initial sign up bonus when you sign up for the first time, and you only need a total of 200 points in your iPanel account before you can order your first PayPal redemption. That means that you only need to complete 2-3 surveys (or even one) and you'll get your redemption quick and fast.
So, what are you waiting for guys? Sign up here and avail your sign up bonus.

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Biggest strength of iPanel: Redemption

The biggest strength of iPanel lies in its redemption system. First, the time duration between two redemptions is surprisingly low and second, processing time after applying for redemption is blazing fast. You'll not believe guys that sometimes I receive my payment on the next day. Getting paid within two days is quite amazing as generally many sites require 3-5 days to process the payment. Toluna is the worst site I have came across to because it requires one month to process the payment which sucks a big time.
Also, you get paid for daily logins and sharing your opinion, and each of them weighs 1 point. This means that you get paid 2 points daily just for visiting the site. So, even if you do nothing but visit the site, you can redeem your cash every three months. But, I think that average redeem time for most users is one week. What else you want? Yes, you may call it a loot.

Major drawback: limited surveys

Yes, some of you may call it a disadvantage, but actually, it isn't. Availability of surveys on iPanel heavily depend on the user profile and because of that, some users get more surveys as compared to the others. Now, here is another important thing that I want to share. Even if you fail to qualify for any survey, it gives you 1 point each time. The greatest thing is that each survey is repeatable and it means that you may get 1 point multiple time. In the end, it gives you more points than the survey itself. Hence, it is sometimes rewarding to get disqualify for surveys.

Payment proof:

From the pic above you can clearly get an idea of the redemption speed. I've got my first payment within two days after joining. Those redemptions are back to back as you can clearly see the date of redemption in the payment proof.
It is evident from the pic above that referral award in iPanel is unmatched as compared to other sites like Swagbucks and ClixSense. Though, I also like the referral system in Swagbucks because it is ideal for the long term. In the end, fast one rules.

Verdict: Highly Recommended!!

With so many sites available in the market, iPanel comes highly recommended. It'll not be going to make you highly rich, but it'll serve you in a hard time. One thing that may let you down is the number of surveys, but believe me, it still worths it. No other site offers such low minimum redemption amount, and that is what sets iPanel apart from other sites.

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