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Toluna vs. Swagbucks vs. iPanel vs. Clixsense vs. GlobalTestMarket: Which one is the best?

After researching and writing a lot about various survey sites, I've finally concluded a list of some of the best-known survey sites or may I say the Giants of the market research industry.
I've made this list keeping comparison in mind because most of the users are excited in comparing each one of them. Hmmm...comparison is a bad thing, right?
These are all trusted sites and paying thousands of people from a long time. Honestly, I'm personally using each one of them and liked all of them except Toluna. Anyway, it's time to compare each one of them, and in the end, we will pick a winner from this list.

And the comparison begins

1. Number of surveys

First thing first, if you want to make money fast from any market research site, you need an ample amount of surveys. While getting more surveys is a great factor in boosting your income, it is not true for every site. For example, Toluna offers loads of surveys daily, but incentive received from each successfully completed survey is lower than that of other market research sites. In other words, redemption threshold is much higher as compared to any other sites.
When we move to other sites like iPanel, Swagbucks or Clixsense, the number of surveys offered daily is way less as compared to Toluna. But if you put Swagbucks aside, every other site from the list play its role well because payment threshold is very low.


If you can adjust with filling out a lot of surveys without caring for low incentives, then Toluna will be your best bet. Toluna offers the highest amount of surveys followed by GlobalTestMarket Research.
And here is the order- Toluna > GTMR > iPanel > Clixsense > Swagbucks

2. High reward points on completing surveys

This is another important aspect of a good survey site. Some sites pay higher than others, but they also need you to earn a massive amount of survey points before you can apply for a redemption request.
Well, this is not always true. While sites like Toluna and Swagbucks pay very low reward points after completing each survey, some sites like GTMR and iPanel pay handsomely. Hence, it won't take you long to apply for a redemption request.


Clixsense, iPanel, and GTMR are the top paying sites. Not sure about Clixsense, but you can definitely get redemption within one day for iPanel and GTMR.

3. Low redemption amount

Nobody likes a survey site which takes ages to accumulate survey points for redemption. Low redemption threshold is always better as it not only helps you to redeem faster but also encourages you to earn more.

4. A good referral system is much needed

It is always better to get something extra. A good referral system is a must have for a good survey site. There is only one site from the list which has a good referral system, and that is iPanel. It takes only 3 referrals before you can apply for redemption.

Let's talk about them individually

1. Toluna

Toluna is not merely a market research site, it is more of a social site. It has a big community and thousands of people daily share information daily. Toluna generally pays 1500-3000 points per survey, and minimum amount required to claim a redemption is 20000 points. Though if you are looking for a decent voucher (Paypal or Amazon) then you need to have at least 50000 points.

You may signup from here.

The good

The thing that I liked most about Toluna is the amount of survey it offers.

The bad

There is a lot to dislike about Toluna. First, points required for redemption are way too high as a result I often get bored of doing surveys again and again.
Another worst thing about Toluna is that it take nearly one month to pay you your rewards/gift vouchers.

2. Swagbucks

Apart from surveys, Swagbucks also offers various activities like testing out different products, installing apps, playing games and doing various tasks. It also provides a decent referral system. If you are interested in doing various activities to earn points, then Swagbucks is for you.

The good

You are not limited to doing surveys if you want to make money, it offers many activities which help you in redeeming gift card faster. As I said earlier, the referral system is also satisfactory in Swagbucks.

The bad

Again, points required to redeem are way too high but thanks to the various activities which help in collecting points faster. Also, the amount of survey it offers is very low. Sometimes you have to wait for 3-4 days for a single survey. Ahhhh...that sucks.

3. iPanel

iPanel is one of my favorite survey sites. It offers more survey than Swagbucks and has some of the finest referral systems. While iPanel doesn't offer various activities similar to Swagbucks, it offers high rewarding surveys. Sometimes you can redeem your money after completing a single survey. Minimum redemption amount is only 200 points.

The good

It has one of the best referral systems. Also, surveys on iPanel are very high rewarding. It takes nearly 2-3 days to receive your earnings in PayPal hence, payment on iPanel is very quick. Another great thing about iPanel is that it pays for daily logins and opinions which mean that you will get at least 2 points daily without any effort.

The bad

Sometimes it faces some problems with its interface hence users may face login problems.


If you are experiencing any problem during the signup process, then try to signup using old interface of the iPanel website. Just switching from the new interface to old may fix the signup problem in iPanel.

4. Clixsense

While Clixsense gives the cheap feel from its first look, it is actually a trusted market research site which pays on time, every time. Clixsense also features various activities like completing tasks and the infamous "Clixgrid game." Clixgrid works like a lottery system, and if you win, you may claim up to $10 a day. The minimum amount required for redemption is $8. Another great thing about Clixsense is that it pays its users for clicking on ads.

The good

Clixsense offers a decent amount of surveys, at least enough to keep you going. It pays on clicking on the ads which are added bonus. The referral system is fine nothing special but Clixgrid is actually something unique. It is highly rewarding if you have time to spare.

The bad

Most surveys are exclusively for PC hence you need to have a laptop if you want to complete a survey while traveling. It is hard to qualify for many surveys, so make sure to keep your profile in good shape.

5. GlobalTestMarket Research

I'm a huge fan of GTMR. It has a variety of decent vouchers including PayPal. As per my knowledge, you can redeem your voucher within one day as surveys are highly rewarding. Minimum redeem amount for a decent voucher is 340 points.

You may signup from here.

The good

Though GTMR provides ample amount of survey, sometimes it is hard to qualify in few of them. Surveys reward points ranging from 50 to 200 points.

The bad

The referral system is closed for some region like here in India. Also, it is quite a daunting task to contact customer care.

And the winner is...

After using and comparing each of them, I can clearly announce GTMR as a winner. GTMR is top on my favorite list followed by iPanel. So, what makes GTMR a winner? Probably the highly rewarding surveys and the low redemption threshold. It would be better if there is any referral system in some regions, but it still provides a highly rewarding experience.

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